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A Conversation about Holiday Helpings with Stacey Johnson

Holiday Helpings has always been more than just providing meals to low-income families, it’s a time for families to come together and participate in something meaningful. Bread for the City’s Northwest Resource Systems Specialist, Stacey Johnson, has participated in Holiday Helpings each year with a fundraising drive and it’s become a welcomed family tradition. The key to her family’s success is having fun while helping the community that Bread for the City serves. We got the chance to speak with Stacey about her participation each year. 

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Keith Parsons speaks about iNK BLOTS: Volume 1

iNK BLOTS, Vol. 1 is the first compilation of poems from the DC Poetry Collective, a group that meets weekly to work on poems and refine their craft. All proceeds will go to Bread for the City! Purchase a copy here:

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A message from George Jones about Holiday Helpings!

Bread for the City CEO George Jones explains the importance of Holiday Helpings this year. For 2020, we are expanding our reach to 15,000 families with more options to receive holiday helpings.

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2020 Holiday Helpings is about more than just a meal

Last year, Bread for the City believed no family or individual should spend the holiday season without celebrating with their families and friends, due to their inability to pay. This year, we still have that same belief, but celebrating with family and friends may not be a priority to everyone.  Holiday Helpings this year is about turning tradition into progress, we’re providing the necessary tools for people to make their own decisions. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people may not celebrate the holidays with a feast, but we still must provide support to our neighbors during these times.

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Create your Classy page for Holiday Helpings today

For over 30 years Holiday Helpings has given families and individuals the food to celebrate with their loved ones. It has always supported low-income residents in our communities who don’t have the resources to provide a holiday meal for their families.

See how our community of donors are making an impact!

This year’s infographic is a reflection of our programmatic expansions in response to the needs of our city. Bread for the City successfully provided the most support with the least amount of barriers from the onset of the pandemic. For us, that meant loosening our requirements on food distribution as it became more important to protect our clients, staff, and greater community than to meet face to face and complete paperwork to receive food. With an incredible increase in the need for our services we vowed not to allow paperwork be the mountain in the way of diapers, food, or COVID testing.

Get to know Thrive East of the River

Did you know that Bread for the City is a founding member of Thrive East of the River, an innovative cash transfer project? It’s true! We’re working together with three other nonprofits to provide 500+ households impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns with $5,500 in cash, groceries, diapers, and other dry goods; and assistance with financial counseling and job readiness.

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Corporate Partnership Spotlight: Gettacar & NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony Donate Car to BFC

A very timely gift arrived this summer! Bread for the City was honored as the recipient of online car buying platform gettacar and Carmelo Anthony’s vehicle giveaway in support of our pandemic response efforts.