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City Orchard: Fall Report

BFC’s City Orchard, in Beltsville, MD, grows fruits and vegetables for our clients nearly all year long! In October and November 2017, the Sustainable Agriculture division harvested almost 5,000 pounds of fruits and vegetables. This equates to over 3,000 servings of fresh, local, nutrient-dense produce distributed to DC residents through our farm to pantry operations.

The Sustainable Agriculture team engaged almost 300 volunteers at orchard workdays, including MG2, FINRA, The Field School, and several returning client volunteers. Read on to learn more in our City Orchard Fall Report!

A Very Colorful Summer at City Orchard

The late summer brought a big harvest at City Orchard – over a thousand pounds of apples, Asian pears and watermelons! We continued to get a heavy harvest from our #VeggiesToo, with summer favorites like okra, tomatoes, sweet peppers and eggplant, the beginning of fall vegetables including kale and collard greens, and a few flower bouquets to brighten up people’s dinner tables. Read on for an update on the end of the summer at City Orchard!

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Food Reform: The Need for a More Inclusive System

Bread for the City has spent 43 years reducing the burden of poverty in Washington DC, by supporting its residents living with low income. George A. Jones has been serving as Bread’s CEO for 22 years now. In this interview he discusses the food system and the need for a change. He shares his vision of a more inclusive model and the main challenges and obstacles to getting there…

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Cross-Post: Residents Will Walk Two Miles With Groceries To Show East Of The River Food Desert

Residents in Wards 7 and 8 are walking to demand the number and quality of grocery stores similar to those west of the Anacostia

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City Orchard Reports

This spring (March and April) at City Orchard, we have focused on spring cleaning and preparations for a fruitful summer. In addition to harvesting the greens University of the District of Columbia (UDC) generously offer us from their hydroponics greenhouses, we weeded, mulched, trellised and pruned our fruit trees and berries to prepare for the summer ahead.

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One Man’s Trash: A Donor Profile

Davy Adise is a high school senior from Montgomery County. He’s also one of the largest in-kind donors to Bread for the City!

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Let’s Grow Together!

If you’ve never visited one of our rooftop gardens or City Orchard, you are REALLY missing out! Look at how much fun you could be having!

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More than 11% of D.C. is a Food Desert

A D.C. Policy Center report released Monday provides a current look at D.C.’s food deserts, taking into account more than just how many grocery stores are in a certain area. The report’s author, Randy Smith, points out that food access in the city is “deeply connected to both poverty and transportation.”