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The Doctor is in!

You could practically feel the energy throughout the entire Bread for the City NW Center last Thursday as we officially welcomed the newest addition to our medical program–vision care!

Friends, neighbors, and family members (hi Mom!) came together to “cut the ribbon” and learn more about our clinic from the people who made it possible.

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Juneteenth and Jubilee Soda

Hello my People! Let’s talk Juneteenth…

An internationally recognized day of observance, Juneteenth (June 19th, abbreviated), commemorates the day that presumably the last slaves in America were freed with the reading of The Emancipation by General Gordon Granger to enslaved residents of Galveston, Texas in 1865. Some historical texts have also noted that Juneteenth was originally known as the “Day of Jubilee” or “Jubilee Day”.

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Dr. Randi Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the District

Please join us in congratulating our fearless leader Dr. Randi Abramson on a quarter century of service as our Chief Medical Officer!

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Cue Round of Applause!

YAY! With the help of neighbors like you, Bread for the City raised $26,926 on Do More 24!

And with our match, this means we raised a total of $51,926 in just 24 hours! We now have enough funding to move ahead with our plans to hire a dental hygienist who will help us care for approximately 200 more patients each year. WOW!

Thanks to you, the lights are on, our staff is here to work, and we’re able to continue helping our patients get the vital dental care they need.

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These teeth aren’t going to clean themselves!

Put yourself in Mrs. Grant’s shoes: you have a toothache, you call your dentist, and you find out you have to wait six weeks to get an appointment. Six. Weeks. Ridiculous, right? Unfortunately, that’s the average wait time to visit Bread for the City’s dental clinic. But this isn’t how we like to do things – we’re all about service with dignity and respect, after all – but the demand for our dental clinic has simply exceeded our staff capacity.

So, what are we doing about it? We’re glad you asked! Today is Do More 24, a city-wide day of giving. And we’re planning to raise the $25,000 it costs to hire a part-time dental hygienist! Will you help us get there?

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Stop Smoking! Stay Healthy!

Smoking is the most preventable cause of death in the United States and causes more deaths than HIV, alcohol, illegal drug use, car accidents, and gun related violence combined. Here at Bread for the City we take smoking cessation seriously.

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Bread for the City’s Asylum Clinic

For over 10 years, Bread for the City has been conducting forensic medical evaluations for individuals seeking asylum in the greater DMV area.

An asylum seeker is someone who has fled their home country with fear of persecution due to their race, political affiliation, religion, sexuality, or social group. An asylum seeker has not yet been given refugee status and is in fear that if they go back to their country their lives will be at risk.

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Navigating DC’s Department of Human Services: My Experience as a Refugee

Last Thursday, the DC Council held an oversight hearing for the Department of Human Services (DHS), which provides low-income District residents with public benefits such as TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid/Alliance health insurance.

These hearings are an opportunity for community members to raise concerns about DC agencies. Below is an excerpt of written testimony from a Bread for the City client…

In times of crisis, we all need to come together.

Bread for the City is comprehensively responding to COVID-19 with expanded community partnerships, continual medical care, and responsible and creative programming so that we can meet our community’s needs.

Will you help us with a gift today? Together, we can meet these extraordinary times head-on and ensure that all DC residents remain safe, fed, and supported.