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Need for Survivor-Centered, Trauma-Informed Housing Services for DV Survivors in the District of Columbia

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Testimony of BFC Attorney Allison Miles-Lee, Bread for the City in Support of “Paternity Establishment Amendment Act of 2022”

On May 5, the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety had its first public hearing on the “Paternity Establishment Amendment Act of 2022.” This amendment would make it easier to obtain court-ordered DNA testing when someone has reason to believe there was a mistake in the signing of an Acknowledgment of Paternity (AOP).

Under current law, it is difficult to undo an AOP, even when everyone agrees a mistake has been made and someone else is the child’s biological father. This often results in men being responsible for paying child support and having legal rights to children that are not their biological children, and with whom they may have no relationship.

Bread for the City’s Legal Clinic has been fighting these cases in court for years and our attorneys have witnessed the injustices and burdens on families that inaccurate AOPs can have. Our own Allison Miles-Lee provided testimony in support of the amendment during last week’s public hearing. She shares the difficult story of a former Bread for the City client who was denied his request for a court-order paternity test and lost the right to care for a  child he believed to be his own.

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Upcoming DC Bar Pro Bono Center Free Advice and Referral Clinic

From April 11 – April 13, the DC Bar Pro Bono Center will offer free legal advice!

Bread for the City Attorney Testifies on Transparency and the Housing Production Trust Fund

Dimitri McDaniel, Staff Attorney at Bread for the City’s Legal Clinic, testified at a Performance Oversight Hearing before the Committee on Housing & Executive Administration regarding the Department of Housing & Community Development and the Housing Production Trust Fund. Bread for the City advocates for increased transparency around the Housing Production Trust Fund through the passing of the Housing Production Trust Fund Transparency Amendment Act of 2021.

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Safety is a Human Right: D.C’s Housing Crisis and Spike in Gun Violence

As of November of 2021, DC has reached its 200th homicide,  which has been reported to be the highest point in 18 years. 

As a person who has lost family members, former classmates and peers to gun violence, it is crucial that we allocate resources and take preventive measures to eliminate the violence within our communities.

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Children’s Law Center and Bread for the City co-hosted this event during D.C.

Bread for the City and Children’s Law Center co-hosted this event to discuss their respective legal services work East of the Anacostia River and the importance of pro bono in serving D.C. neighbors.

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Breaking Bread: Housing Justice in DC

Join us for a previously recorded Breaking Bread conversation series on housing justice in DC, including dialogue on protecting tenants’ rights, affordable housing development and preservation, public housing redevelopment, and more.

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Rebecca Lindhurst wins the 2021 Scoutt Prize

It feels good to be rewarded for your hard work, especially when it’s benefiting the community.  Congratulations to Rebecca Lindhurst, she was selected by The District of Columbia Bar Foundation as the 2021 Jerrold Scoutt Prize recipient. It’s awarded to attorneys who have a history of working in the nonprofit sector, especially those providing direct services to low-income communities. Rebecca is a Managing Attorney for Bread for the City’s housing practice and Community Lawyering Project and has worked for the organization since 2002.  I interviewed Rebecca about receiving this award and why her community work is important for residents in DC.