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One Victory, One Settlement, and Relief for Hundreds of Thousands

In a case we brought in partnership with Alston & Bird on behalf of Bread for the City and two individual Legal Aid clients (and consolidated with a case brought by almost two dozen state and local attorneys general), the federal District Court of the District of Columbia vacated a Trump Administration rule that would have cut off food stamps for nearly 700,000 Americans.

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Bread for the City wins lawsuit in SNAP ABAWD case against Trump Administration

Bread for the City won a recent lawsuit against the Trump Administration, barring the implementation of a harmful change in the Agriculture Department’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as Food Stamps, that would cut more than 13,000 DC residents and 700,000 individuals nationally from relief. This lawsuit was filed by The Legal Aid Society of DC and the law firm Alston & Bird LLP on behalf of Bread for the City and residents of D.C. who receive food stamps. In March, the District Court issued a decision that temporarily stopped the government from implementing its new restrictions. Yesterday, the Court issued a final decision on a summary judgment motion in our favor.

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We’re Suing the Trump Administration. Here’s Why.

When the Trump Administration threatens the lives of our neighbors, we couldn’t sit quietly. We’re suing the administration. Read on for the details.

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Bread for the City Submits Testimony On Public Benefits Access Issues

Language barriers, long wait times, and a lack of communication often prevent our clients from accessing benefits in a timely manner. Today, we took our concerns directly to the DC Council.

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When We Fight, We Win: DHS Changes Food Stamps Campaign

We raised our voices about an offensive food stamps campaign. DHS listened.

Food Pantry

Bags of free groceries for BFC clients.

Client and Groceries

Client receiving a grocery bag at BFC's NW Center food pantry.

Allison Miles-Lee

Attorney Allison Miles-Lee fights to preserve DC's safety net.

Bread for the City in Lawsuit Against DHS

Because of widespread problems with the D.C. Department of Human Services’ administration of food stamps for D.C. residents living with low-incomes, Bread for the City has brought a lawsuit against the agency.

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Families saved from welfare “cliff” as City Council budget keeps TANF

Bread for the City applauds the DC City Council and the Mayor for making this humane, positive decision that supports the families of DC.

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Language Access Improvements at DC Department of Human Services

Bread for the City’s limited and non-English speaking clients have struggled for years to get access to important government services at the DC Department of Human Services (DHS). These services include medical insurance for themselves and their children, food stamps, and temporary cash assistance for families with children.

DC already has a law that requires DHS and other DC government agencies to provide interpretation and, in many cases, written translation for customers who do not speak English. But time and time again, our clients have reported that DHS employees refuse to provide interpretation, rely on children to interpret for parents, or simply fail to send important notices about their benefits in their language.

Holiday Helpings

Holiday Helpings is different this year, but your support is still needed. You can help us raise $1,000,000 for 15,000 families who are impacted by this pandemic.