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Values and Rapid Re-Housing: It’s Time We Do What Works

BFC attorney Samantha Beckett questions whether DC’s policy is aligned with DC’s stated values on affordable housing, and she calls for long-term housing solutions for families experiencing homelessness.

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A Day in the Life of a Social Worker Embedded in Primary Care

Ali Jost, our Integrated Behavioral Health Manager, shares a day in her life at our medical clinic, and her musings on how social work is the “vibranium” of BFC.

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The Vibranium of Bread for the City’s Medical Home

Ever wonder what a social worker does? From running organizations to providing one-on-one support to clients in their most vulnerable hours, social workers manage complexity, lift up people’s humanity, and make the world a better place. In honor of Social Worker month this March, Bread for the City is sharing highlights of the work social workers do at Bread for the City. Read our stories and learn how social workers empower individuals and systems to make the world a better place.

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Clear Minds, Better Lives

BFC’s Social Services team works hand-in-hand with clients in a variety of ways. Petrea Simpson, LGPC, teaches a class that helps people learn to stop negative thoughts and increase coping skills — read on to learn more as we continue our celebration of Social Work Month!

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The Housing Access Program: A Creative Intervention For A Systemic Problem

As Social Work Month continues, BFC is taking a deep-dive into one of our most impactful social services programs: the Housing Access Program, run by social worker Stacey Johnson, helps people find places where they can apply for housing. We’re in a housing crisis in DC where rental amounts far outpace incomes, and in order to find truly affordable housing, individuals and families must navigate a maze of information, requirements, and applications. That’s where HAP can help.

Brittany Pope, SW Student at BFC
Social Work Month

Supporting Social Work Students at BFC

As Social Work Month continues, Bread for the City celebrates our STUDENTS! Each year, we support students of social work who are looking to get experience and mentoring from our Social Services team. Native Washingtonian Brittany Pope is one of our talented students, and in honor of Social Work Month, she shares about her life and experience at Bread for the City.

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A day in the life of a social worker: BFC’s SOAR Manager and DC SOAR Team Lead

As we continue to celebrate Social Work Month, read on to learn how Ashley Moore juggles the complicated job of being BFC’s SOAR Manager while also supporting the entire District as the DC SOAR Team Lead!

Women Empowered Participants
Social Work Month

We are Women Empowered!

March is not only National Social Workers’ Month, it’s also National Women’s History Month! As we celebrate both of these events, we’re excited to share about a new project that Bread for the City started just this year.

In times of crisis, we all need to come together.

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