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A Note to the Bread for the City Community

Bread for the City Community,

Tuesday’s election results have stirred up a wide range of emotions for many of us in the Bread for the City family. The past year was filled with hopes and dreams as well as angst and anxiety as our process of electing a new president unfolded. Forty-three years ago, our founders committed to fighting poverty and the conditions that perpetuate it. And for 43 years, we have fought. Many of the promises made in this campaign – including targeting marginalized groups, eliminating the Affordable Care Act, and limiting charitable giving incentives – threaten our ability to serve our community and to do it in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Today we gathered Bread for the City employees for a powerful lunchtime discussion. I spoke about our organization’s core values of dignity, respect, service and justice. We have always celebrated diversity, and fought against sentiments that marginalize the community where we live and serve. Our staff discussed our commitment to come together as an even stronger, more determined, and united community.

Over the coming days we’ll all seek to come to terms with the results, and move forward despite them. We will continue to refine our advocacy efforts to affect change in our country and community. We will join together in candid, productive dialogue, and we will continue to lead as we have for the last 43 years. And, of course, we will honor our four decades long commitment to providing critical safety net services to people experiencing poverty.

Our community members are already asking what they can do to help Bread for the City. To that I say, continue to give as you always have. Share your time. Share your ideas. And donate the critical resources that we need to fight poverty in the District and beyond. 

Yours in service,

George A. Jones

Chief Executive Officer

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