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Snapshot of Women’s Wellness Day

With the theme “Reflections of You”, WomenStrong DC’s (WSDC) 2017 Women’s Wellness Day provided knowledge, inspiration and relaxation that resonated with the audience of over 50 participants including 22 WomenStrongDC members.

The event took place at the R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center in Southeast DC on July 21, 2017. Keynote Speaker Ayo Thomas, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of WOE (Women Own Excellence) Magazine, empowered the participants with an emotive sharing of her story and her steps on how to become a woman of excellence. A presentation by Cassandra  Herbert , who is a holistic nurse psychotherapist, wellness educator, and health advocate, also held the audience’s rapt attention with her interactive presentation.  Poetry readings by the WSDC participants, drumming by WSDC staff member Judith Hawkins, a GoGO Fitness workout, Tai Chi class by WSDC participant, chair massages by Caressence Massage Therapists and manicures by Hair Academy 2 made for a packed day that resonated with the attendees.

Attendees had nothing but praises for the event:

Myra Crump (aka Bay)

The Wellness Day was just beautiful from start to finish. WomenStrong members went up on stage and recited poetry, and the drumming and dancing was just so good. This was my first time at a Women’s Wellness Day and the talent in the room really excited me. I’ve  been a part of WSDC for maybe a year and two months now and I come every day. This Women’s Wellness Day is one of the best activities so far. The most important thing that I learned that day was to keep all my doctors appointments. I wasn’t doing that as I should because I was just so busy, but now it sunk in that if I don’t take care of me, I can’t take care of anyone else.

Lashawn Weathers

The Women’s Wellness Day was very inspirational and very beneficial.  The different people who came and talked about wellness, the body, unity, and things we can do to better ourselves really left an impact. We got pampered and there was such nice food. I had the opportunity to be the Mistress of Ceremony, which I’m so grateful for, especially since I want to be a motivational speaker in the future. Cassandra  Herbert’s presentation on how we could strengthen and further ourselves in life was the highlight of the day for me.

Sakinah Renee Figgers

If you thought that because you live in Southeast DC you can’t grow to be anything then Women’s Wellness Day taught you something else. Those women who presented emulated what could be and that was a great tie-in to the Reflections of You theme. It takes a village. We all get a certain upliftment in talking and sharing experiences. I’ve never felt better than when I have an issue and I see all my sisters rally to my aid and being in that space with that group of women warmed my heart. The Women’s Wellness Day really brought out the best reflection of all of us.

Sylvia Ford-Scott

The Women’s Wellness Day was fantastic. I enjoyed myself to the utmost. It was like a big old family reunion and we just had a ball. We danced, we laughed, and learned about different issues that people go through and how they overcame them. There were even instructions on how we could set up our own small business. Wellness for me is complete fitness for the mind, body and soul and Women’s Wellness Day delivered that.


*Bread for the City’s WomenStrong DC is a proud member of WomenStrong International (WSI), a consortium of non-profit organizations in five nations supporting women-led solutions to urban poverty.*

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