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Bread for the City’s clients need your support now more than ever.

With $800 billion in proposed cuts to Medicaid and $193 billion in cuts to food stamps, our neighbors—the elderly, children, and those living with low incomes—will look to Bread for the City to provide vital support.

Today is Do More 24—a community-wide day of giving. And today is the perfect day to help ALL DC residents live healthy lives! Bread for the City needs your support.

Every donation you make today will be matched, dollar-for-dollar up to $15,000!

Your support helps people like Diane, a long-time patient of Bread for the City. Diane suffers from low blood pressure and relies on a heart monitor. She says, “I live in daily fear of my heart stopping. And if my Medicaid is cut, I’d be walking on thin ice. I did all I was supposed to do…worked all my life, got my Masters, put my daughter through college, but here I am now at 60 years old having to worry that the government is going to cut off my Medicaid. I don’t know what I’d do!”

The proposed federal budget would do an incalculable amount of damage to thousands of our neighbors right here in the District. From healthcare to food, the basics that people rely on when they need a helping hand will be drastically reduced. This means Bread for the City will need to do more to support DC residents. Can we rely on you to help us meet the need?

Give to Bread for the City TODAY and help us continue to be a safety net for our community. PLUS, you’ll see your dollars go further with our $15,000 matching challenge!

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