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Clark Construction is always “on deck” to help out

“Sure, we can help with that!”

At Bread for the City, we depend on our community to keep our doors open and programs running. Whether it’s financial support, volunteerism, or leadership, we simply couldn’t do what we do without our incredible partners. And we’re lucky to have Clark Construction on our team.

As a Corporate Partner, Clark invests in Bread for the City through annual financial contributions, volunteer shifts at both centers AND City Orchard, and pro-bono project support. They celebrate with us at our annual gala and offer encouragement through transitions and growing pains. This summer, they did more.

When the deck on our NW center became unsafe, Clark stepped up to design and build a replacement. Our little deck, in use for two decades, hosted meetings, community activities, and offered staff a place to quietly reflect. Needless to say, we were eager to have it back!

Thanks to Clark, we now have a safe, beautiful, durable deck that will last us for decades to come. Look how nice this is!

“We really enjoyed working on this project for Bread [for the City] and supporting their incredible efforts. With support from some of Clark’s longtime business partners and subcontractors, we were able to step up to design and build a replacement to fit their needs. It was a very enriching opportunity for all of us.”

Clark, thank you for your continued support and partnership with Bread for the City to ensure DC residents have access to comprehensive, respectful care, and for giving us the space to make it happen.

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