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Connecting over Crochet and Art


This post was written by Brittany Morgan. Brittany is the Health Resource Room Coordinator with Bread for the City.

For the last few years, Bread for the City has been hosting a crochet group that meets every Monday in the medical waiting area. Clients use the time to socialize, share their skills, and enjoy a mutual hobby. Yesterday, our group went on an outing to the Phillips Collection to see the Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series and other related works. The collection focused on the mass exodus of the black community from the rural south to the urban north between the world wars. The exodus, which was prompted by wartime shortages and oppressive conditions, was the largest population shift of African-Americans since the time of slavery. Lawrence’s  collection features 60 panels of the African-American migration and is open until January 8, 2017.

The crochet group enjoyed experiencing their history in a new and expressive way–many noting different events they had never heard of. Many felt connected to the collection  and greatly enjoyed the interactive features and  time-worn objects from everyday life that were incorporated into the pieces. We hope to have many more similar trips that engage our community in history and new experiences.


I would like to give a special thank you to Bread for the City Board Member and long-time Health resource room volunteer, Marie Hoffman, for making this trip a success and giving our group this wonderful opportunity.

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