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It may seem like a small favor…

Did you know that $25 can be the difference between staying housed and experiencing homelessness? For many of our clients, a minor issue with rent or other basics can snowball into a huge problem.

Can I count on you to make a gift today to Bread for the City’s Small Favors Fund? We use this fund when the solution to a client’s problem is simple: a one-time grant to cover rent, utilities, or paying for an ID. But we’ve helped so many families this year that we’re having trouble meeting the demand, especially as children head bacsmall-favors-with-textk to school.

Will you help us grow this fund so we can help more people this fall and winter? PLUS, thanks to the generosity of a longtime donor, any gifts we receive for the Small Favors Fund will be matched up to $5,000!

By standing with us now, you will ensure that families don’t slide from stable to homeless just because of $25. It may seem like just a small favor, but to the recipient, it’s so much more.

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