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Just when you thought you were out…

…Bread for the City pulls you back in!

Let’s (re)meet our new(ish) Chief Development Officer, Andrea Messina! Eight years ago, she worked at Bread for the City before going on to business school, to different nonprofits, and even <gasp> to the private sector. But as many of our current and former staff who stay engaged at Bread can attest, we’re harder to shake than the mafia, so this summer Andrea returned to the Family to lead our fundraising efforts.

AM and KV (1)

Andrea (L), with former CDO Kristin, helped to launch our rooftop garden!

Truth is, Andrea never really left.  Take a look at the creative ways she supported BFC during her time “away”:

  • She was a volunteer in our Food Pantry’s gleaning program Glean for the City in 2009.
  • She was one of the first volunteers at BFC’s rooftop garden in 2011 when we kicked off our urban agriculture program.
  • She joined our Bread and Butter Club in 2011.
  • She has been a frequent guest to the Good Hope Gala, and helps us secure donations for our auction every year.
  • In 2015, she taught weekly donation based yoga classes to benefit BFC!

There are so many cool ways to support BFC and we are glad Andrea did so many of them.  But, we’re even happier that she decided to come back.  As Chief Development Officer, Andrea is in charge of making sure we can afford to meet our strategic goals, help everyone who comes through our doors, and just keep the lights on every day. Plus, she will lead the effort to expand our Southeast Center through the largest capital campaign in Bread’s history.

We’re lucky to have her back and it seems the feeling is mutual. Andrea says, “I am in awe by the ways that Bread has evolved and expanded over the last decade.  But, I’m even more inspired by the ways that Bread has maintained its close-knit community, unmatched passion, and tireless commitment to service while more than doubling in size.”

If you have any questions or well wishes for Andrea, or want to grab a cup of coffee with her, you can reach her at

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