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One Man’s Trash: A Donor Profile

Davy Adise is a high school senior from Montgomery County. He’s also one of the largest in-kind donors to Bread for the City!

Davy has made several large donations of fruits and vegetables to Bread for the City’s Food Program, including lush stalks of mustard greens, Swiss chard, and lettuce.

While Davy has all the other interests of high school students, he balances that with a passion for creating social change through entrepreneurship. In 10th grade, he was introduced to LearnServe International. LSI teaches high school students the necessary social entrepreneurship skills they can use to create their own social change projects. Through the program, Davy developed Heals on Wheels, a project that helped fund a mobile health clinic in South Africa.

Using those same tools and skillsets learned from LSI, Davy developed and spearheaded his project with Bread for the City.

“I was researching what type of food banks and organizations would be able to use donations of fresh produce,” says Davy. “After talking on the phone with Bread for the City staff and volunteers, and visiting the pantry, I knew that they were the kind of organization I wanted to work with.”

Families frequently throw out their food scraps at the end of their meals, but this “trash” is actually quite valuable to local farmsit can become compost! Davy made this connection and now  takes compost generated from food scraps to Your Chef’s Table Farm in Brookeville, Montgomery County in exchange for fresh produce that he donates to Bread for the City’s Northwest location.

“With this project I can simultaneously address two big issues all for the price of driving from Montgomery County to DC”, Davy notes. The people who work in the pantry at Bread for the City are awesome. Whenever I donate, I am received by grateful people who are passionate about their work. It’s not just in quantity, but quality, and I cannot be more impressed by everything they have done so far. Keep up the good work!”

If Davy’s story has inspired you to become an in-kind donor to either of our Food Pantries in NW or SE, Washington, DC, please visit

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