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Celebrating Bread for the City Social Services!

March is when we celebrate Social Workers Month, honoring the amazing people working hard every day for the good of us, our families, and our communities. At Bread for the City, we want to take this opportunity to show off our superstar Social Services team!

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Celebrating Bread for the City Social Services: Shanta Hendry

This post is part of our Celebrating Social Services series. Read on to learn about Shanta Hendry, Bread for the City’s Workforce Development Manager (aka “Job fair lady” or “Job board lady”)!

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THRIVE East of the River and Guaranteed Income: Final Results

THRIVE East of the River provided $5,500 to nearly 600 families over the last two years. THRIVE’s accomplishments join a symphony of successful guaranteed income pilots throughout the country– it’s been proven time after time that unconditional cash transfers help stabilize and mobilize those living with low incomes. But, moving from the pilot phase to an established guaranteed income program has proven to be a challenge for many pilots, as funding and navigation of benefits cliff issues have stalled many projects from continuing. THRIVE was an opportunity to change the narrative around guaranteed income programs; these programs are an equitable method of combating systemic injustices faced by marginalized people.

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Black History Month: Harold Valentine – DC Activist and BFC Board Member & Client

As Bread for the City celebrates Black History Month, learn about Harold Valentine, who began advocating on behalf of the DC community and hasn’t stopped since.

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Black History Month: Barbara Clark – Ward 8 ANC Commissioner & Local Hero

As Bread for the City celebrates Black History Month, learn about Barbara Clark, Ward 8 ANC Commissioner and local hero, and her life as a native Washingtonian.

Bread for the City Attorney Testifies on Transparency and the Housing Production Trust Fund

Dimitri McDaniel, Staff Attorney at Bread for the City’s Legal Clinic, testified at a Performance Oversight Hearing before the Committee on Housing & Executive Administration regarding the Department of Housing & Community Development and the Housing Production Trust Fund. Bread for the City advocates for increased transparency around the Housing Production Trust Fund through the passing of the Housing Production Trust Fund Transparency Amendment Act of 2021.

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Meet the artist behind our Holiday Helpings design!

Connecting community and art is a unique skill many artists bring to light. It’s incredible how a piece of artwork can get an entire community together, and it’s something Juan Pineda has mastered over the past 20 years. Pineda is a DC-based mural artist who owns Criomatic Designs. He created Bread for the City’s new Holiday Helpings design, which can be seen on t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise to raise money for low-income DC community members during the holiday season. We sat down with Juan recently to learn more about his work in the community, here’s what he had to say!

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Happy New Year!

Counting down to midnight and welcoming 2022 during the current pandemic surge means we are entering yet another year amidst a surreal pandemic experience. But, it also means we have made it through 2021, despite its challenges and hardships. At Bread for the City, we especially have much to be thankful for. We’ve met this moment head-on, cheered on by our community and motivated by our client heroes, many of which have been hard hit these last two years.