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Thanks for the new wheels!

We schlepp a lot of food. Like, a lot. Every week, our drivers retrieve thousands of pounds of healthy, wholesome, delicious groceries from all across the city, which means our trucks get more than their fair share of wear and tear.

When it became obvious late last year that one of our two trusty box trucks wasn’t going to make it past Valentine’s Day, we reached out to our community for help covering this un-budgeted expense. And we were blown away by the response. I’m pleased to introduce our fab new truck (with lift!) in all its glory. BEHOLD!

new truck 1new truck

This would not have happened without our supporters. A special shoutout to MCN Build, WilmerHale, Clark Construction, and the Dweck Family for investing the start-up capital to make this purchase happen. We’re so grateful for all of your kindness and will repay you by collecting more food for those in need and helping more people in the years to come.

I feel like this gorgeous new addition to the team needs a nickname. Share your ideas in the comments below. I’m thinking Henrietta. She totally looks like a Henrietta.

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