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The Intern and the Orchard

Hi everyone!

I’m Ashley, a summer intern here at Bread for the City.

Usually, I’m sitting behind a desk in the development department helping with some behind the scenes work pertaining to a lot of interesting communications management tasks. Part of my responsibility is to know what goes on at Bread for the City, and so I took a day to step away from my desk to join the BFC staff and volunteers at City Orchard.

Ashley at OrchardBread for the City does an incredible job with making sure its clients have access to fresh and healthy foods, and I got to join this effort first hand.

Depending on the day, the tasks at City Orchard vary for the workers and volunteers. The day that I went, we focused on laying down and securing tarp in order to plant sweet potatoes. And then the planting commenced!

Ignoring the bright sun and heavy heat, I put on a pair of gloves and staked the tarp into the ground to make sure it was secured in place and wouldn’t wash away with any rainfall. While I was working on putting dowAshley at Orchard 1n the tarp, some other volunteers used small shovels to create holes in its center to make space for the sweet potato plants.

I grabbed a bundle of sweet potato plants and, one by one I made sure I could get the plant through the hole in the canvas. I dug into the ground to set the roots, and patted the surrounding dirt to make sure the plant was stable. That was it…I had planted yams! The whole cycle continued until all of the sweet potatoes were planted. In just one day, hundreds of sweet potato plants were planted that will be distributed to Bread for the City clients!

It was an incredible experience to join the Bread for the City staff and volunteers on just one day of many that they make an effort to help our organization and its clients.

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