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These teeth aren’t going to clean themselves!


Put yourself in Mrs. Grant’s shoes: you have a toothache, you call your dentist, and you find out you have to wait six weeks to get an appointment. Six. Weeks. Ridiculous, right? Unfortunately, that’s the average wait time to visit Bread for the City’s dental clinic. But this isn’t how we like to do things – we’re all about service with dignity and respect, after all – but the demand for our dental clinic has simply exceeded our staff capacity.


Dr. Steven Myles

So, what are we doing about it? We’re glad you asked! Today is Do More 24, a city-wide day of giving. And we’re planning to raise the $25,000 it costs to hire a part-time dental hygienist! Will you help us get there?

But wait! It wouldn’t be Do More 24 without an extra something in the pot: we have a $25,000 match! So, if we hit our $25,000 goal before midnight tonight, we’ll really have $50,000. That’s TWO YEARS of funding for a hygienist, raised in ONE DAY!

Currently, our only dental provider is Dr. Steven Myles (or Dr. Smyles, as he’s known around here). He’s the best. In fact, the only thing that’s wrong with him is that he’s only one person. When Mrs. Grant couldn’t get an appointment with him for 6 weeks, she went to a different dentist, who pulled the offending tooth – a procedure that Dr. Smyles may not have done; but the pain was too much for Mrs. Grant to wait.

We are all quite frustrated that this happened. So that it doesn’t happen again, we’re hiring a part-time hygienist so that the dental clinic can schedule around 200 more new patients and Dr. Smyles can focus on more complicated procedures. With this extra help, patients like Mrs. Grant won’t have to wait six weeks to be seen. Will you help us see more patients in our dental clinic with a gift today?

Make a gift to Bread for the City today. You’ll double your impact and bring a smile to lots of faces!

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