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We got a new forklift! …er…pallet jack!

Malcolm and his new best friend

Malcolm and his new best friend, Mrs. Pallet Jack.

This past September we asked for your help getting a new forklift for our Food Program. You all responded with gusto, and now our Southeast Center food pantry has a new forklift. Thank you!

Editors Note: I was informed by my food pantry colleagues that, technically, it’s not a forklift but rather a pallet jack. My mistake. I had previously been calling it “the big thing that moves other big things” so forklift was an improvement for me.

This new pallet jack is hard at work hauling food to and from our vehicles, storage unit, and pantries– making it possible for us to feed thousands and thousands of hungry families. In fact, as Holiday Helpings hits its stride, this pallet jack will be a lifesaver as we haul 9500 frozen turkeys and all the trimmings. Whew!

You all are so nice to Bread for the City. Thank you!

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