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We’ve expanded our Food Program!

In December, we asked you to donate to our food program so that we could expand distribution. Well, you heeded our call, made a gift, and we expanded as promised.

We are proud to report that as of January 19th, Bread for the City’s food program now distributes a five-day supply of groceries to households experiencing hunger rather than the three-day supply that we have traditionally provided. This is an AMAZING program shift that was only possible because of the kindness of our community–that’s you!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your compassion and for your generosity. You are helping to make DC a better place for all of us.

BFC Food Team showing you their happy faces. (That is Damon's over-the-moon face. I promise.)

BFC Food Team showing you their happy faces.
(That is Damon’s over-the-moon face. I promise.)

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