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Bread for the City’s leadership and clinic staff have been closely following the developing COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak. We are keenly aware of the health and economic impacts this epidemic can and will have on our community members who are already living in vulnerable situations. To address what we expect to be a long-term challenge for workers in DC who will be laid off or lose wages due to business closures, we are stocking up on medical supplies and working with our food pantry partners to make sure we have groceries to meet these additional needs. We are distributing groceries and family supplies like diapers and baby food to our partner nonprofits and Mutual Aid Societies across the city.

While we are operating on reduced hours and closures, we have medical providers on-call to answer patient questions and take urgent appointments; we’re conducting behavioral health visits via telephone; our attorneys are continuing to represent clients with ongoing protective order cases; and we’re also continuing to offer representative payee services.

In short, we are prepared to provide as much support as possible to those who need it, just like always.

But the need to maintain services puts a strain on our programs. Your gift today helps ensure that our critically needed services continue, and that none of our neighbors are left behind.

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Bread for the City has been helping people in Washington, DC for 46 years, and we aren’t stopping now. In fact, even though our facilities have been under partial closure as a result of COVID-19, we’re doing even more. Your gift today will help us provide food, medical care, and emergency supplies and support to our community across DC.

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