8:00 pm

Feed the City! Benefit Concert for Bread for the City

The Pie Shop will be hosting a concert in support of Bread for the City featuring four local artists! Tickets are only $20 to give back and have a fun night out! Grab tickets here – they will sell out!
SmoothCity, is a local band that has been performing around the DMV for the past two years. With six members, this band loves to write and cover songs across the spectrum of genres, including R&B,
Pop, and Indie music. SmoothCity’s musicians include: Ahmed Ahmed (drums), Cesar Vargas-Torrico
(guitar), Chris Rosiello (guitar), Dalia Lily (vocals), Jen Linsenmeyer (vocals), and Marck-Arthur Clerveau

Maegan Weinhold is a singer/songwriter from Lancaster, PA who has been performing for over a
decade. With a warm, velvety voice, Maegan sings about complex topics such as addiction, grief, and
relationships in her original music. Known for her vulnerable lyricism, Maegan invites listeners to embrace
the harmony of honesty and emotion. She is currently working on an EP.

Based in Brooklyn, New York (though originally from the DMV) HEROINE is an indie pop/folk duo made
up of best friends, Bridget Linsenmeyer and Ines Nassara. The group is known for their compelling unison
and infectious on-stage chemistry—  and before the pandemic, for their bold electric power anthems. In the
Spring of 2020, the duo quarantined together in Baltimore and took the time to explore an entirely new
sound. They each learned the guitar and together wrote a full length album of new songs with an intimate,
acoustic folk feel.  For the last few years, the two have been taking the time to nurture themselves, their
friendship and individual projects, but they are so excited to finally share some of their newest, unreleased
songs— for the first time in-person.

Born in Chile, based in DC, FERNANDEZ is a new solo project from Fernando Hernandez from Cumbia
Heights. His work spans rock, indie, and Latinx music sprinkled with psychedelics and other weirder things.
FERNANDEZ is a breakaway from traditionalisms and is leaning more towards experimentalists and other
isms that come to the whim of the day. FERNANDEZ is at times musically erratic and colorful.

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