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Living From Rent To Rent: Tenants On The Edge Of Eviction

Every morning for weeks, Meagen Limes made the same phone call: to a court in Washington, D.C., to see if that day was the day she'd be evicted from her home.

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Welcome to Rent Court, Where Tenants can Face a Tenuous Fate

BFC’s Rebecca Lindhurst: “Tenants often don’t know what their rights are. They enter into agreements that settle the cases that are very unfavorable to them.”

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Housing Authority Passes “Right To Return” Resolution

BFC’s Sam Jewler: “It’s not the complete ‘win’ we are looking for yet. It’s definitely a step towards that.”

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Beating the Odds with a Long Term Development Director

I have had the honor of being associated with Bread for the City (Bread) for more than 20 years, the last six or seven as a Board Member and Treasurer. One key element of Bread’s success has been the longevity of Kristin Foti, their development director.

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Vulnerable residents weren’t left out in cold during storm, nonprofits say

As inconvenient as snowstorms can be for the average District resident, they can be even more crippling to the city’s vulnerable populations and the services they rely on...

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Big Business Gets Generous: A look at what Washington businesses did for the greater good in 2014

The Washington area charity community is still dealing with the pullback in government spending, which has cut grants and pinched the resources of many businesses whose fortunes are tied to the federal budget. Nevertheless, many local companies have risen to the challenge.

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Bread for the City: USDA Owes Pantries Millions of Dollars More in Food

Bread for the City, a D.C.-based nonprofit devoted to poverty alleviation, has sued the U.S. Department of Agriculture for allegedly failing to buy the amount of food required by an act of Congress through the Emergency Food Assistance Program.

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Allison Miles-Lee, supervising attorney for BFC, said the DHS has struggled for years to communicate fluently with its steadily increasing clientele of non-English-speaking District residents.

With an increasing number of clients who speak little or no English, District caseworkers for food stamps and other types of aid repeatedly violate a 2004 local law mandating access to interpreters, a lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges.