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Pandemia criou 3,3 milhões de novos pobres nos Estados Unidos

RTP Portugal highlights Bread for the City and the services we offer in Washington DC.

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A new accessible medical center opens in Ward 8, DC

After years of having to pay for transportation to cross the Anacostia River to receive health care, residents of Wards 7 and 8, largely disconnected by the Anacostia River from D.C.’s high-quality health facilities, have a new option.

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Bread for the City expands health-care options in Southeast with new medical clinic

“What we all need is a medical home, a place where we can go where a doctor sort of knows our name, and we can be seen routinely,” George Jones said.

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Press Release: Bread for the City Opens Medical Center in Southeast

“It’s Bread for the City’s model of care, because we care about you mentally and how you feel. We will also help you if you need other services such as food assistance or social services. That’s who we are at Bread for the City, we think of the individuals and the whole community as multi-faceted and we have everything in place to bring the right services and resources to this community. We want our community members to thrive and be the best person they can be,” said Dr. Randi Abramson, Chief Medical Officer at Bread for the City.

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DC Health: At This Time, People Who Got J&J Vaccine Do Not Need To Get Booster

“We are following guidelines. We are following the data,” Dr. Randi Abramson says. “So should people be getting boosters at this point? No. Let’s just wait till we know more information so that we’re smart about this.”

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Black News Channel (BNC) Interview

Kenrick Thomas, Communications and Events Manager, talks about the eviction moratorium and how that will affect Bread for the City on the Black News Channel.

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UnitedHealthcare recently awarded more than $11 million in Empowering Health grants

"As part of that commitment, we are partnering with local organizations to address a number of issues that include food insecurity, social isolation, and behavioral health issues, and to support local health promotion efforts," says Joe Ochipinti, CEO of UnitedHealthcare of the Mid-Atlantic.

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The moratorium on evictions, the last resort for millions of households in the US

Amy Gellatly, a lawyer for Bread for the City, an organization that offers legal services and has joined the “Cancel the rent DC” campaign, explained to Efe that many people have “a lot of anxiety” about how to pay their rent.