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Study Sheds Light on Broadening U.S. Hunger Problem

In daily scramble for food, about 1 in 7 Americans now rely on local aid programs.

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D.C. Police Chief Orders No Drug or Alcohol-Related Arrests for People Protected by D.C. Overdose Prevention Law

D.C. Law Encourages Calling 911 in Drug Overdose Cases; Some Drug and Alcohol Law Violations Not a Crime When Help is Sought
D.C. Part of National Momentum to Fight Overdose Deaths with 911 Good Samaritan Laws and Increased Naloxone Access

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UDC’s Research Farm Embraces Multiple Missions: Grow, Teach and Discover

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As Congress Debates US Poverty, Relief Group Provides Services

Fifty years after President Lyndon Johnson declared war on poverty in the United States, some 46 million Americans - about 15 percent of the population - are living in poverty. On Capitol Hill, Republican and Democratic lawmakers disagree about the effectiveness of government programs aimed at helping those in need.

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D.C. Group Gives Addicts Clean Needles, Naloxone

Heroin users play a deadly game every time they shoot up, but still many struggle with the addiction and many are afraid to get help. There is an organization that is trying to reach those addicts and help them use responsibly.

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37 Maryland Deaths Linked to Heroin Tainted With Fentanyl

There's been a dangerous resurgence of heroin in the area, and an especially deadly mixture that's being sold on the street.

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The Domino Effect of One Purchase

Sometimes one action can have a ripple effect—an impact that spreads outward, touching much more than just the immediate surroundings.

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Fighting Words: Madam’s Organ Slams Tryst

The Adams Morgan blues bar dubs the coffeehouse “worst neighbor 2013”