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O Street Market

Symbol of violence becomes a marker for D.C.’s resurgence

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Millions on Food Stamps Facing Benefits Cuts

It is late October, so Adrianne Flowers is out of money to buy food for her family. That is no surprise. Feeding five kids is expensive, and the roughly $600 in food stamps she gets from the federal government never lasts the whole month. "I'm barely making it," said the 31-year-old Washington, D.C., resident and single mother.

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Blue Catfish

Overabundant, and the key to a new nonprofit group’s mission

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Homeless Shelter In Alexandria Will Hold Service Day For Furloughed Workers

From the department of great ideas: A homeless shelter in Alexandria, Va. will hold a special day of service next week for furloughed workers affected by the shutdown.

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Martin Luther King’s Dream yet to become reality in US

In south-east Washington DC, in a bar on Martin Luther King Jr Avenue, two very impressive children are showing off their knowledge in a dazzling performance.

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America’s Music Community Breaks ‘Bread’ With Connor Christian & Southern Gothic At Benefit Concert

Last year, the self-described roots-rock/country group known as Connor Christian & Southern Gothic (CCSG) made national headlines as one of Billboard magazine's 'Artist on the Verge' for the year.

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Feeding Not Just Food, But Good Food

Agencies in the District focus on nutrition as they fight food insecurity.

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Community Garden Offers Meals and Lessons

Spring has come to Bread for the City’s community garden, a place dedicated to growing and learning about healthy food.