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George Jones on Building Antiracist Cities

George Jones is the CEO of Washington, DC-based Bread for the City, which supports people living with low incomes to develop their power to determine the future of their own communities. They provide food, clothing, medical care, and legal and social services to reduce the burden of poverty. And in working to solve some of the cities most pressing challenges, George Jones is one of the very best.

That’s what you get when you discover your calling at 12 years old, as George did, realizing early on that his journey was one rooted in justice and equity. Today, he lives at the intersection of race, racism, and poverty, and through Bread for the City and his work as an evangelist for equity, he carries he believe that DC can be not just an antiracist city, but a beloved city of peace and equity.

Today, George sits down with Carrie to talk about the root causes that exist around poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity in DC, but we hope you learn, too, that missions can come from anywhere, at any age, and he is a model and inspiration for us all. Our great thanks to George Jones for his wisdom this week.

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