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The Invisibles: The cruel Catch-22 of being poor with no ID

Within a year, local nonprofit Bread for the City received 1,000 client inquiries about IDs, prompting it to hire a full-time attorney for the issue. “Before REAL ID was implemented, Bread did not experience a large number of inquiries regarding IDs,” says Danielle Moise, Bread’s attorney on its Accessing Identifying Documents Project. Anecdotally, she says, the nonprofit saw a decline from that 1,000 in 2015 (2016 totals are not in yet).

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Get ready for plenty of grandstanding on the D.C. budget

So which is it?

Does the $13.8 billion 2018 budget submitted to the D.C. Council by Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) reflect, as she asserts, the ideas and priorities of D.C. residents?

A good question. The final answer rests with the D.C. Council, which, in the budget-making process, is always a crapshoot.

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Bowser’s Budget Gives Virtually Every Social Advocacy Group Something to Gripe About

As Mayor Muriel Bowser's slogan “Pathways to the Middle Class” has morphed into “Inclusive Prosperity,” her budget has something for every social advocacy group to dislike, and a business tax cut that should go a long way towards aiding her re-election effort. It also portends a season of political theater that places D.C.’s class divide in high relief, as presidential and congressional prerogatives pose existential threats to the District’s neediest residents.

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‘Taking a Leap of Faith’: Black Women Face Challenges in HIV Awareness, Prevention and Treatment

It can be in a doctor’s tone when asking a routine medical question, or in the way a nurse raises an eyebrow. The stigma surrounding HIV can be exhausting.

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Member Spotlight: Committed to Making a Difference

The clinic tries to respond to whatever legal needs our clients present. That's meant that over the years I've had the opportunity to directly represent or assist thousands of individual clients with a wide variety of issues.

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Gray’s Public Safety Bill Criticized for Not Addressing Poverty

A crowd gathered in front of the Wilson building on Monday, Feb. 6 to voice their outrage in response to emergency legislation that had been introduced by Ward 7 Councilmember and former mayor Vincent C. Gray. His proposed Police Officer Recruitment and Retention Act, introduced Jan. 10, aimed to retain and increase the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Department

The demonstrators rallied against the increase of police presence in D.C.’s Black communities. They held signs stating “D.C. Spends More Money on Policing and Prisons than we do on Public Schools,” “#FundBlackFutures” and “Police are Supposed to Serve and Protect not Judge and Kill.”

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The Connection Between Food, Income & Jobs (Interview w/CEO, George Jones)

Top Chef star and DC restaurateur Spike Mendelsohn and George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City, discuss strengthening public services in an effort to create jobs & feed families. In their respective roles – as the head of one of the most successful safety nets for the poor people of DC and as the chairman of the DC Food Policy Council – George and Spike see how resourceful families struggle to feed, clothe, and shelter a family with three children for less than $18 per day.

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Anxiety, Indifference, Hope: How Some US Poor Are Reacting to Trump Presidency


It's a state Dr. Monica Vohra says many of her low-income, mainly immigrant and minority patients are in when they arrive at Bread for the City's free medical clinic in Washington, D.C.

But lately, the internal medicine physician says that state has been heightened.