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Amid Protests During State Of The District, Bowser Announces Housing Investments, Free Circulator

“Seeing every person that I know, that I care about … my mother has just been displaced,” says Lark Catoe of Bread for the City and Empower DC. “I am literally here fighting to keep myself in the city, keep my family in this city. And yeah, I am really pissed off with the mayor and her lies … and her rhetoric about helping the city.”

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A Transformational Journey

A Bread for the CIty legal referral helps a man regain his name. The powerful story began in September 2017 when Bread for the City attorney Danielle Moise referred a client to GW Law's Public Justice Advocacy Clinic for help obtaining a District of Columbia identification card. Read more in GW Law News.

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During the government shutdown, Bread for the City says it saw a 30% increase in visits. – AJ+

During the government shutdown, Bread for the City says it saw a 30% increase in visits. After the shutdown, it's still working...

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DC Housing Authority Board Opens Door to Privatizing Some Public Housing

Rebecca Lindhurst, an attorney with Bread for the City, argued before the commissioners that the proposed resolution “is a threat to public housing as we know it,” and appears to “get around the commitment to Build First.” (Build First is a development principle that emphasizes building strategically, to minimize or avoid tenant displacement.)

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Carrying on Justice: George A. Jones

In his position as CEO, Jones, manages all the financial, programmatic and administrative aspect of the organization and its 100 full time staff. Under his leadership the organization has seen growth from a $1.2 million operation in 1996 to a $11.5 million operation in 2019.

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How Americans are stepping up during the shutdown

Starting this week, Bread for the City provides furloughed employees with five days’ worth of food once a month. The organization normally serves about 310 people per day, but within the first two days of extending service to furloughed workers, the number spiked to 530. Bread for the City has doubled its food orders to match demand.

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Bread for the City helps furloughed workers with groceries

FOX 5’s Cori Coffin visited Bread for the City where they are offering a five-day supply of groceries to workers who are furloughed.

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‘It’s Definitely Busier’: D.C. Food Pantry Opens Doors To Furloughed Federal Workers

WAMU dropped by our NW center to speak with furloughed federal workers about the government shutdown and chatted with our COO, Jeannine Sanford about our efforts to lend a hand during the shutdown.