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Al Jazeera English: US Congress passes $892bn in COVID relief measures

Al Jazeera English interviews Bread for the City CEO George Jones and Board Member Harold Valentine about US Congress passing the COVID-19 relief package.

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Washington Post: A time to splurge or a time to scrape by: Holidays expose widening disparity among U.S. families

Food banks have been inundated in recent months, while charities like Bread for the City, a D.C.-based organization that provides meals, clothing, health care, and other services to those in need, say demand has more than doubled during the pandemic.

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BBC News interviews Bread for the City CEO George Jones

BBC News interviews Bread for the City CEO George Jones about the impact of the pandemic in Washington, DC.

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Upworthy highlights Bread for the City

A lot of people here are like family to me," Michelle says about Bread for the City — a community nonprofit located in Washington DC that provides local residents with food, clothing, health care, social advocacy, and legal services. And since the pandemic began, the need to support organizations like Bread for the City is greater than ever, which is why Amazon is Delivering Smiles to local charities across the country this holiday season.

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Bread for the City Aims to Help 15,000 Families for Thanksgiving

Today NBC Washington reports on how we are expanding our reach to 15,000 families with more options to receive holiday helpings this year.

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The DC Housing Authority picked a Greenleaf Gardens co-developer, but its oversight board shot it down. Here’s why.

"At that same hearing, BFC's Aja Taylor referred to DCHA’s last-minute resolution approval requests, which often leave Board members under-prepared and questioning the conclusions, as a “manufactured emergency” that undermines trust in the agency."

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Rising Food Insecurity Amid The Pandemic

Tune in to hear Bread for the City CEO, George Jones, discuss on The Kojo Nnamdi Show how a federal judge struck down a Trump administration rule that would have taken over 700K people off SNAP.

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Judge Vacates SNAP Rule That Would Have Cut Off Benefits For Thousands Of D.C. Residents

A federal judge has vacated a rule by the Trump administration that potentially would have cut off Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits to more than 20,000 D.C. residents and hundreds of thousands of people across the U.S.

Effective Monday, August 1st:

Bread for the City will begin distributing groceries at the front door of both centers Mon-Thurs, 9a-4p. No groceries will be distributed on Fridays, but we will still have farmer’s markets once a month at each center!