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Here’s How D.C. Community Health Clinics Have Adjusted To Vaccine Rollout Problems

“What that signals to me is that if you want to be equitable in any kind of public benefit or service in general, you have to structure it so that it gets people of color who have been disadvantaged in so many indices in our society,” Jones says.

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D.C.’s vaccine appointment disparity didn’t have to happen

As soon as this city began offering covid vaccines to residents 65 and older, George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City, whose nonprofit agency runs a medical clinic, noticed something striking.

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The Special Report w/ Areva Martin

Our CEO George Jones was a guest on The Special Report with Avera Martin to discuss the racial disparities with the vaccine.

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The Washington Post: Confusion and chaos: Inside the vaccine rollout in D.C., Maryland and Virginia

“You have to be intentional about warding off these disparities,” George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City said. “Because if you just let sort of equality reign the day, you don’t get equal results.”

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TheGrio: Healthcare officials in Washington work to address racial disparities in COVID-19 vaccine distribution

“If someone isn’t ready for the shot, that’s fine,” Dr. Abramson said. “I want to know how I can earn my patients’ trust. I think that’s really where we’re at.”

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MSNBC: Communities of color falling behind in vaccine rollout

In 16 states, white Americans are being vaccinated at rates that double, sometimes triple Black Americans. CEO of Bread for the City, George Jones, joins Katy Tur to discuss why that is.

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NY Times: Even in Poorer Neighborhoods, the Wealthy Are Lining Up for Vaccines

“It’s not just a case of preserving the spots for people,” George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City said. “Somehow we’ve got to persuade them to use those spots.”

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The National: Fear of eviction and hunger grip America’s poor during pandemic

The organization has noticed a significant increase in new community members requiring their services, with demand for food up three to four times what it was before the pandemic, Mr. Thomas said. “There are families who have never had to use Bread for the City who are now using us consistently. We have a lot of community members now who were employed and now they are underemployed and they are not getting paid a consistent income.”