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How we helped LeJuan find a place to call home

LeJuan was doing everything right. She was working full-time to support her two young children, and when her older son needed help raising his kids, she took in her grandchildren, too.

But, then her employer went out of business, and she was laid off. Suddenly, she had no job and no income. She struggled to keep up with her bills and feed four kids. She found herself with nowhere to turn, just like more than 53,000 others who are unemployed across the District.

That’s when Bread for the City stepped in.

“I had my two children and my two grandchildren, I was backed up on my rent, and I was facing eviction.”

LeJuan first came to Bread for the City for food assistance, so she could feed her two young children and two grandchildren while she searched for work. We supplied her with healthy groceries and invited her to meet with a social worker to better assess her needs. From there, we connected LeJuan with Melissa Palms, a housing case manager, to help her get started on the path towards a stable home.

Once we helped her get housing, Melissa stood by LeJuan as she dealt with the anguish of finding a new job while supporting her family. “The entire time, Mrs. Palms was there with me, looking for apartments and getting applications in. When I was ready to give up, she was right there. When I needed to vent, she was right there.”

“I am just so thankful to Bread for the City because, at my lowest point, you all were there.”

Today, LeJuan is back to work and inspiring us all with her resilience! “Now I live in a one-bedroom apartment with my two children,” says LeJuan. She continues to live stably in her Northeast DC apartment, with a steady income and a place to call home.

We rely on your support to provide comprehensive services to DC residents facing hardship.
Thank you so much for helping us serve people like LeJuan in times of need.