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Bread for the City’s organizers work with staff and client leaders on a housing campaign that advocates for policies that preserve and create affordable housing in DC. We do this by building coalitions, engaging public officials, and working with tenants as they organize to protect their homes. Ultimately, we are building community power to fight inequality beyond housing alone.

The advocacy division hosts a 12-week organizing institute to introduce community members to organizing skills, direct action, and strategies for building effective grassroots campaigns. Classes discuss the affordable housing crisis, impact storytelling, race, gender, class, and other critical topics to empower individuals to act to improve the lives of DC residents.

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Watch BFC Advocacy Director Aja Taylor speak on race, equity, and civil legal aid.
Bread for the City’s Advocacy Director Aja Taylor did a fantastic job as a panelist on Avenues to Justice, it’s a virtual fundraiser focus...
Bread for the City’s statement on The Office of the Attorney General and the District of Columbia Housing Authority settlement
It’s against this backdrop that we issue this statement expressing our deep disappointment in the agreement recently signed by the Office of the Att...
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Statement on the Passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg by George A. Jones on Behalf of Bread for the City
2020 has delivered one blow after another, now we have received a real gut punch with the heartbreaking news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Gin...

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Delay the Demolition of DC General

In the blog post above, BFC’s advocacy director, Aja Taylor, shares our concern about the DC General closure in the midst of behind-schedule replacement shelters and other concerns. You can help, too!

1. Sign and share this petition!

2. Share the blog! Things like this happen without much intervention because so many DC residents are unaware of what’s going on.

3. Let Mayor Bowser know how you feel! Call 202-727-2643, email, and/or tweet to encourage Mayor Bowser to delay the demolition of DC General.


There is a crisis in our city–the displacement of thousands of long-time residents due to the destruction of affordable housing. To support those impacted by this crisis, Bread for the City has launched an ambitious housing advocacy campaign, aimed at engaging the communities in which we work to build a powerful base of voters, organizers, artists, and others to fight to create and preserve affordable housing in the District.

Leveraging this powerful base, the #Right2DC campaign builds coalitions, engages storytelling as a tool for narrative shift, directly engages public officials, and re-energizes DC residents around civic engagement and homegrown organizing in a city with a rich history of both. We help support the grassroots leadership and create the political will necessary to rectify the conditions that perpetuate poverty in the District, starting with access to affordable housing.

We commit to flexibility, shared leadership and to practicing these core values as we work to develop strategies, priorities and co-create this campaign with our base.


March 14, 2018
Testimony of Aja Taylor (on behalf of Bread for the City) to the Committee on Human Services
Public Hearing on the Homeless Shelter Replacement Act of 2017 and the Closure of DC General Family Shelter

Advocacy & Community Organizing Staff

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Aja Taylor

Advocacy Director

Ms. Taylor joined Bread for the City as a Community Organizer in the Community Lawyering Project in 2012, and became the organization’s first-ever Advocacy Director in the fall of 2015.

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Terri Acker

Client and Community Organizer

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Alexis McKenney

Budget Campaign Community Organizer

Client Advisory Council

Bread for the City’s Client Advisory Council offers feedback and insight to help the organization to better provide meaningful and impactful programming and services. The CAC also works with staff on outreach efforts and accountability.

2019 – 2020 Officers
President – Vivian Mercer
Vice President – Michelle Woodward
Secretary – Christie Gardner
Treasurer – Tony Lawson
Sergeant at Arms – Charles Crews

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