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Starting Monday, January 14th, Bread for the City will provide a five-day supply of groceries (BFC bag size one) for furloughed federal employees and contractors who are District of Columbia residents. If you have dependent family members living in your household, you can bring proofs (such as a lease with names listed, or anything bearing your child’s name and your current address such as school records or medical bills) and receive a larger bag size.  Please bring your Federal Government employee ID or, for contractors, a picture ID with any supplemental information you have regarding your furloughed status. *** Click here to donate in support of this effort!

Nutrition Support

324,000 DC households experience food insecurity. Each month, Bread for the City’s two food pantries provide nutritious groceries — including fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats — to more than 8,400 clients living near the federal poverty line. Two monthly Farmers Markets offer fresh produce to the community at large, and as a Grocery Plus distribution site, Bread for the City offers an additional 30 lb box of food to a small number of seniors. Our Sustainable Agriculture division both grows food and educates the community at our two rooftop gardens and three-acre orchard.

Volunteers and donors are needed to support the food program.

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Get Food Eligible clients are DC residents with incomes near the federal poverty line. 
Donate Food Healthy food donations are accepted at both centers.

Northwest Food Pantry

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 am - 5 pm
Friday: 8:30 am - Noon
Closed: Noon - 1 pm

Southeast Food Pantry

Monday - Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
Friday: 9 am - Noon
Closed: Noon - 1 pm

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Food Program Staff

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Melissa Frazier

Food, Clothing & Facilities Director

Melissa Frazier is responsible for supervising the operations, inventory, and distribution of Bread for the City's Food, Clothing, and Sustainable Agriculture divisions and the work of their associated staff. She also oversees all aspects of facilities maintenance and operations, repair, and renovation for the organization's two centers.

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Jenette Chance

Food Program Coordinator (NW)

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Jennifer Castaneda

Bilingual Food Desk Coordinator (NW)

Member Photo

Keith Lemons

Driver/Gleaning Coordinator (SE)

Member Photo

Sharlene Blount

Food Program Coordinator (SE)

Member Photo

William Butler

Senior Driver & Food Coordinator (NW)

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