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Everyone experiences moments of challenge.  Bread for the City offers DC residents an opportunity to fill the gaps.

NEW CLIENTS: Please register during your first visit by stopping at the front desk for paperwork.

ALERT:  Bread for the City is providing food to the DC Mutual Aid Society during the coronavirus public health emergency.
Visit to contact your Mutual Aid Society representative for delivered groceries.
Bread for the City’s staff is operating on a modified and remote schedule through Monday, April 27.
Our NW Center is available from 8:30 am to 12 noon for scheduled medical visits (Monday – Friday)
and representative payee services (Monday / Friday only).


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• Monthly five-day supply of nutritious groceries
• Monthly Free Farmers Market at each center
• Grocery Plus distribution site for qualifying seniors (60+)

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• Attire for all ages and occasions
• Toiletry packs regularly available
• Small household goods in limited quantities

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• Medical Home for all ages, regardless of ability to pay
• Primary Care
• Dental, Vision, and Behavioral Health

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• Information about resources for shelter, food, public benefits, and more
• Support for well-being, employment, and benefits management
• Open hours with caring staff

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• Advice, referrals, and representation
• Housing, family, and public benefits cases
• Support from partner organizations on other legal issues

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need emergency rent or utility assistance; can you help?

Unfortunately, we do not have any emergency financial assistance. A good place to start is by contacting the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  This program administers financial assistance through the following list of vendors.

Are your centers accessible to people with mobility impairments?

Both our centers are ADA Compliant.

Do you give out SmartTrip cards?

In general, no, unfortunately we are not able to provide transportation assistance. Some exceptions are made for clients enrolled in specific Bread for the City programs (such as our Pre-Employment Program) that require regular attendance for a set period of time.

I need a birth certificate and/or a photo ID. How can I get one?

Bread for the City does not provide photo IDs.

The below websites explain the processes for requesting common identifying documents:

If you’re looking for additional information, check out the ID Packet, May 2018 Update.  Bread for the City has compiled information from the above websites.  Please note that the ID packet is for information only and does not provide legal advice.

How do I apply for food stamps, TANF, IDA, Alliance, or Medicaid?

The DC Department of Human Services’ Economic Security Administration determines eligibility for these public benefit programs. We can review eligibility criteria and give you information about which proofs you need to provide. For some programs, you can apply through the DHS Online Portal or through the DC First App. For certain types of Medicaid, you can apply through DC Healthlink. Please note that DHS Service Centers have limited services and are only accepting drop-off applications during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some centers have been temporarily closed. If DHS has wrongfully reduced or terminated your benefits or denied your application, please contact our legal clinic at (202) 386-7616.

I’m not eligible for your food program. Where can I get food?

The Capital Area Food Bank runs a phone helpline for navigating local free/affordable food resources. The best number to call is (202) 644-9807.  More information is available here.

I need clothing. Where can I go?

Bread for the City’s clothing room is located in our Southeast Center. Eligibility and hours are listed here.

Do you have furniture?

No, we don’t provide furniture but please contact us for information on other groups that may be able to help.

I need a job. How can you help?

We are not a job training or job placement agency. However, through our case management program we work with individuals to support them as they try to reach their goal. For some, employment is one of these goals.

We offer a job readiness program through our Pre-Employment Program out of our SE Center.

Our case managers can also provide you with a listing of job training and placement agencies in DC.

I need affordable housing. How can you help?

Bread for the City does not have housing, but we have posted information on how to apply for subsidized housing in Washington, DC with additional resources.

You can also speak to one of our case managers to discuss your situation and what options might be available to you.  If you are in need of a place to stay tonight please call the Shelter Hotline: 202-399-7093 or 311.

I need a mailing address. Can my mail get sent to Bread for the City?

No, we are not able to serve as a mailing address for the public.  Please contact us for information on other groups that may be able to help.