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BFC stands with our AAPI community and allies.

Victims from the Monterey Park shooting

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DC Bar Foundation Awards BFC to Support Free Legal Assistance in DC

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Before We Say “Farewell” to ‘22, Here Are Our Top 22 Moments!

As we wind down this year, here are Bread for the City’s Top Moments of 2022. From everyone at Bread for the City, we wish you a gentle and restorative end to 2022 and a welcoming start to 2023!

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Holiday Helpings Spotlights Growing Need Across the District

Every morning, over 1,000 DC residents lined our streets, waiting for their opportunity to pick up these much-needed supplies. The continued financial impacts of the pandemic and the looming prospect of a recession, the numbers we greeted each day laid bare the growing, and significant, need of those living on low incomes here in DC. Our initial goal was to raise $1,200,000 to sponsor 12,000 families, but we quickly realized that there was a greater need. In just two days, we had gone through over 20% of our initial Holiday Helpings stock, and by day 13, as we closed the program for this year, we had served 16,000 families.

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Bread for the City grieves the loss of Jeannine Sanford

Since July, Bread for the City has been grieving the loss of our long-time chief operating officer, Jeannine Sanford. To those who knew her, Jeanine was a caring mentor. Throughout her 30-year tenure, she always offered her time, provided advice, and advocated for those in need as a well-known pillar in the legal services and pro bono community. 

We unite with Jeannine’s family, her friends, the legal access community, and her Bread for the City loved ones in honoring her legacy as we say goodbye.

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Bread for the City Receives Donation from Food Lion Feeds Charitable Foundation

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Bread for the City and Wegmans Come Together to Support DC through New Partnership

“With food insecurity at an all-time high in the District, working with area businesses in the food industry is paramount to solving hunger through a collaborative approach,” said George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City. “It takes all of us – nonprofits, government, businesses, and individuals – to tackle these complex issues. We’re excited to receive this support from Wegmans and happy to welcome them to the fight against poverty here in DC.”

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Read Our 2022 Community Health Needs Assessment

The Food Department will be closed beginning, Mon March 20th until our Grand Reopening on Tues, April 18th.  Our program is being restructured in order to serve you better.  Additional food resources are available at our reception desk and on our website.  Thank you for your patience and understanding and we look forward to serving you in our new spaces in April!

El Departamento de Alimentación permanecerá cerrado desde el lunes 20 de marzo hasta nuestra gran reapertura el martes 18 de abril. Nuestro programa se está reestructurando para poder servirle mejor. En la recepción y en nuestro sitio web encontrará recursos adicionales sobre alimentación. Gracias por su paciencia y comprensión, estamos deseosos de servirles en nuestros nuevos espacios en abril.

የምግብ ክፍሉ ከሰኞ መጋቢት 20 ጀምሮ ዝግ ሆኖ፣ ማክሰኞ ሚያዝያ 18 በደማቅ ሁኔታ በድጋሚ ይከፈታል። እርስዎን በተሻለ ሁኔታ ለማገልገል ያስችለን ዘንድ ፕሮግራሞቻችን እንደ አዲስ እየተዋቀሩ ነው። ተጨማሪ የምግብ ግብዓቶች በእንግዳ መቀበያ ዴስኮቻችን እና በድረ ገጻችን ላይ ይገኛሉ። ስለ ትዕግስትዎ እና ስለ ግንዛቤዎ ምስጋና እናአቀርባለን እንድሁም በሚያዝያ ውስጥ በአዲሶቹ ክፍሎቻችን ውስጥ እርስዎን ለማገልገል በጉጉት እንጠባበቃለን!



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