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During the coronavirus public health emergency, Bread for the City’s Legal Clinic remains available by phone. Call 202-386-7616 Monday – Friday.

Durante la emergencia de salud pública del coronavirus, la clínica legal de Bread for the City permanece disponible por teléfono. Llame al 202-386-7616 de lunes a viernes.

በዚህ በኮሮናቫይረስ የወረርሽኝ በሽታ ወቅት፤ የብሬድ ፎር ዘ ሲቲስ ሊጋል ክሊኒክ (Bread for the City’s Legal  Clinic) በስልክ ክፍት ሆኖ ይቆያል። ከሰኞ እስከ ዓርብ በስልክ ቁጥር 202-386-7616 ቢደውሉ ያገኙናል።

在冠状病毒公共卫生紧急事件期间,城市面包(Bread for the City)公益组织的法律诊所 仍然可以通过电话联系。请于周一至周五拨打电话: 202-386-7616。

The DC Bar Pro Bono Center Advice and Referral Clinic will be closed for its in-person clinic at Bread for the City through September 2021. A remote clinic is available, click below for more details.

La Clínica de Asesoría del DC Bar Pro Bono Center estará cerrada por su clínica en persona ubicada en Bread for the City hasta Septiembre de 2021. Una clínica remota está disponible. Haz clic a continuación para más detalles.

የዲሲ ባር ፕሮ ቦኖ ሴንተር ምክር እና ሪፈራል ክሊኒክ እስከ መስከረም 2021 ድረስ ለቢች ለከተማው በአካል ክሊኒኩ ይዘጋል ፡፡ ሩቅ ክሊኒክ ይገኛል ፣ ለተጨማሪ ዝርዝሮች ከዚህ በታች ጠቅ ያድርጉ ፡፡

Remote A&R Clinic Flier (In English) and Remote A&R Clinic Flier (En Español)  and Remote A&R Clinic Flier (በአማርኛ)

How to Get Help

Bread for the City’s Legal Clinic provides advice and representation in three main areas to DC residents living with low-incomes:

HOUSING LAW: helping tenants in landlord-tenant and subsidized housing cases.

FAMILY/IMMIGRATION LAW: helping survivors of domestic violence in Civil Protection Orders, family law cases (like custody and divorce), and immigration cases (like VAWA self-petitions, U visas, and SIJS), plus helping custodial and non-custodial parents in child support cases.

PUBLIC BENEFITS LAW: helping individuals facing problems with getting or keeping public benefits, like TANF, Food Stamps, and Medicaid.

Learn more about how the Justice Gap impacts the low-income community.

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Access to justice should not be limited by one’s ability to pay for help. Unfortunately, 86% of low-income households in the United States receive little or no help with civil legal challenges.

With Bread for the City’s help, individuals …

• Receive same-day advice and representation in court during critical stages of child support cases,
• Receive legal services while escaping domestic violence,
• Receive same-day advice and representation when facing eviction or loss of a housing subsidy,
• Overcome barriers in getting a government-issued ID, and
• Organize to achieve legal solutions to effect systemic change on community-identified issues.

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BFC Icon Access to Justice Projects

Accessing Identifying Documents

The Accessing Identifying Documents Project helps residents who hit barriers in getting a DMV-issued ID, which is necessary to pursue critical opportunities like employment and housing.

Community Lawyering

The Community Lawyering Project uses legal advocacy and organizing to help achieve solutions to community-identified issues in ways that develop local leadership and institutions that can continue to exert power to effect systemic change, including representing groups of tenants in preserving affordable, safe housing in the District.

Housing Right to Counsel Project

The Housing Right to Counsel Project, in partnership with Legal Counsel for the Elderly and Legal Aid, expands access to representation to tenants at risk of eviction and losing an invaluable housing subsidy that is the only way they can afford to live in the District.

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Bread for the City’s services are made possible through the support of thousands of donors like you. Without your support, we would not be able to provide the food, clothing, social, legal, advocacy, and medical services that we do to 10,000 DC residents every month. Thank you!

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Celebrating Elise N. Paeffgen, BFC Legal Services Volunteer

We want to thank Elise N. Paeffgen for volunteering time in our Legal Clinic. Paeffgen dedicated countless hours to helping our clients who had their long-term care benefits reduced under D.C. Medicaid. We are proud of our partnership with Alston & Bird, LLC, and we thank them for believing in our mission.

Celebrating Elise N. Paeffgen, Bread for the City Legal Services Volunteer