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THRIVE East of the River Update: November 2020

THRIVE East of the River is an innovative cash transfer project that is providing hundreds of DC households impacted by COVID-19 shutdowns with either a $5,500 cash transfer or $1,100 a month depending on the households preference; groceries, diapers, and other dry goods; and assistance with financial counseling and other job readiness supports. 

Founded by four area nonprofits (Bread for the City, BBAR, Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, and Martha’s Table), with technical support and data analysis provided by the Local Initiatives Support Corporation and The Urban Institute, THRIVE aims to demonstrate a new model of direct service: one that is immediately responsive to community needs and helps families stay housed, stable, and fully resourced even during times of job loss, unemployment, and healthcare stress. 

“I just don’t want anyone to count us out. We’re trying to get a better life for our family just like the next person. A little bit of help goes a long way.” – Thrive Participant 

Program Update: As mid-November, THRIVE has distributed more than $1.8M in assistance to 328 Wards 7 and 8 families. We have also started a weekly grocery distribution, and are providing dry goods (hand soaps, a 64 oz. bottle of Tide, toilet paper and first aid kits) to clients working with THRIVE. 

Impact Update: To date, we’ve secured $3.5 million towards our $4.1 million fundraising goal — or 85% of the way towards the amount needed to serve 500 families. But we’re not stopping there: if we exceed this goal, we plan to enroll additional Ward 8 residents into the program. Unfortunately, the need for extra support during the pandemic has not lessened, and as COVID-19 cases surge once again across the District and surrounding counties, we are preparing to support even more households over the winter months. 

It’s a simple model that makes a big impact: the more cash we have, the more we can distribute. Your gift today will make a difference in the life of a DC resident experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19 by providing the stability they need to provide for their family, and stay safe, housed, and healthy until the pandemic has passed.

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