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Allison Miles-Lee is a 2020 Legal Services Award Recipient

Giving someone recognition is an acknowledgment of someone’s excellence and a validation of their hard work. On December 3rd, Allison Miles-Lee, Managing Attorney at Bread for the City was recognized with the 2020 Legal Services Award by the Washington Council of Lawyers. This is a voluntary bar association committed to ensuring that the legal system treats everyone fairly, regardless of money, position, or power. Allison does amazing work in our Legal Clinic, specializing in Family Law, Public Benefits, and Language Access. I had the opportunity to speak with Allison about her work in the community and being a 2020 Legal Services Award Recipient.

How does it feel to be rewarded for your hard work?

AML: It feels great to be recognized, a lot of the work I do doesn’t intersect and it’s great to see the Washington Council of Lawyers post about it to make it all come together in one place.

How did you feel when you found out you were a 2020 Legal Services Award Recipient?

AML: I felt proud and grateful for Su Sie Ju (Legal Director) because she was the driving force behind this. She reached out to a lot of people to get letters of recommendation for me. I didn’t know I was being nominated for this until I won.

What was the key factor in winning this award?

AML: I think it’s because I do a lot of different things in the community. Sometimes lawyers are pushed into one practice area and one specialty that becomes their field. It’s nice to see that I’m able to spread myself out and it was a positive for the Washington Council of Lawyers. Doing a little bit of everything and spreading myself over into different areas helps my clients and helps me in different forms of work that I do.

How does it feel to work for an organization like Bread for the City?

AML: I love working for Bread for the City, it’s the only place I have worked as a lawyer (for more than 12 years). Bread for the City works with the community and I appreciate the conversations we’ve been having about racial equity. We’re trying to recognize that we have the knowledge about how the system works, but we want to make sure that our clients don’t see us as agents of that system. We make sure our clients are active participants in all aspects of their cases and fully understand the strategies we choose. . Having clients on our Board of Directors and having the Client Advisory Council is also something I value at Bread for the City as far as community involvement.

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