BFC's Clothing Room

All of the clothing we distribute is donated by our community.

BFC's Clothing Room

BFC's Clothing Room is a busy, packed space - assistance from volunteers makes it all happen!

Dwaynae Jordan

Dwaynae is spending her term at Public Allies assisting our SE Center community.

Better Every Day: Dwaynae’s Bread for the City Story

Growing up in some of the worst parts of Brooklyn, New York, I never thought there was enough assistance in big cities to assist families living in low-income areas. My parents tried their best to make sure we had enough food, clothing, and housing growing up, but everything was so difficult that we still faced a lot of challenges.  In New York, we had to go through the shelter process a few times. That meant we traveled back and forth to the Emergency Assistance Unit (EAU), completing lots of paperwork, and moving in and out of different buildings.

Once, our family was kicked out of a shelter and lost everything. We lost everything another time after our apartment was set on fire. (I remember our house caught on fire the day before my middle school senior trip, and the only clothes I had were the clothes on my back until Red Cross, and a few family members and friends, assisted us.)  We could have used a resource like Bread for the City. We didn’t have that, but what I went through gave me a heart that loves to assist people, and I can relate to people who have been through housing situations like my family.

A year-and-a-half ago, I moved to Washington, D.C. to become a Public Ally. Public Allies is an AmeriCorps program committed to advancing social justice and equity by engaging and activating the leadership capacities of young people. Through Public Allies, I obtained my current position as the SE Volunteer & Clothing Room Coordinator at Bread for the City. I didn’t know then that it was going to be such a great life experience for me. I have learned and continue to learn valuable lessons everyday while working for this amazing organization.

Working in the clothing room is a challenge. On my first day here, a food pantry staff member told me “be prepared” because new faces get tested.  I remember thinking to myself, “Oh, Lord … I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into!”  But then I quickly reminded myself that I had been through a lot and can deal with anything.

Everything about the experience was new to me. I had to be tough and courteous at the same time to run the space.  My first year, I had BFC Pre-Employment Program interns working under me that were 15-20 years older than me.  Through my work with the clients, I was suddenly interacting with the different personalities of 200 people a week, plus groups of volunteers from all walks of life.  In short, I had to quickly grow up, become more flexible, and learn how to behave in a mature and professional manner … things I hadn’t considered before.

That was tough at first. Occasionally, our clients come in with what might be considered bad attitudes or negative energy, then they try to vent their frustrations on the staff.  Once, a lady even threw a bag in my face and walked out of the building!  At that moment, I felt very upset, disrespected and confused, but I also remembered the many lessons I’ve learned from Bread for the City’s staff, including the fact that people aren’t usually mad at us, but the situation they’re going through.  I remembered that the woman’s response likely had very little to do with me, and that I have self-control, so every bad thing that happens doesn’t require a reaction.  I also remembered that most of our clients set a good example every day. Many clients volunteer with me alongside community members, committed to giving back to the organization that helps them.  These things helped me to remember to be courteous and to make sure the next client received my smile regardless of what had happened earlier.

My coworkers at Bread for the City are great, and they’ve taught me that there really are people who’ll be in your corner. When I’m feeling overwhelmed by the clothing room work, other staff will often step in and help.  They never have to (everyone has other work, of course), but they’ll help anyway, bringing donations in, sorting and hanging clothes, or taking over altogether for a little while so I can grab a bite for lunch.

I look forward to coming to work at Bread for the City every day.  Serving here has opened my eyes to a whole new way of life, and this organization has taught me that the community has to stick together and have each other’s backs for everyone to thrive. Most of all, Bread for the City has taught me that there’s always room to grow, and though my Public Allies service corps year ends in June, I plan to keep growing for the rest of my life.

Dwaynae’s work at Bread for the City is made possible by Public Allies, and our clothing room is supported by generous in-kind donations from our community.

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Malone M | Reply

I had to read this again! 1yr later it still hits a soft spot! When are we getting more blogs??

Gwendolyn Brown | Reply

I’ve known you most of your life. I’ve watched you go through some of those challenges. What a pleasure to see what you’re doing with your life. So proud!

JAMAR J | Reply

Great Job Nay its a bittersweet story I can always relate to you in many ways coming from the same area keep up the good work strive for greatness

Tanesha R. Gibson | Reply

Such a beautiful story from a beautiful person. Nay, continúe to EXCEL in all that you do. You’re so special, God truly has you covered and amazing things in store for you – Love you!!!

Juanita Cage | Reply

And so many words, I can relate to it all. I not going to lie. At first afterwards meeting you. I thought different of you. Or maybe I just didnt get you at times lol. But afterwards the years has passed. I see that you’re a smart, funny, caring, loving, very blunt, and have a good heart Dewayne! I’m sorry I didn’t try to get to know the real you. You are amazing to the fullest. I just want to say that I’m very proud of you. And the woman you have become. BREAD FOR THE CITY, Is so lucky to have you part of their team. It makes me feel good knowing that someone I went to school with is doing an amazing job. Keep you head up. And I’m very very proud of you Dewayne! ?❤

Angela Rhone | Reply

Dwaynae, you always have a smile on your face and I’m so glad you are a part of the BFC Family!

Stacey Nelson | Reply

How do I go about volunteering at Bread for the City

    Sonya Springfield | Reply

    Hi! When you have time, please explore and hit the green button that says “Select Your Shift.” We’ll be glad to orient you and have you sign the liability waiver upon arrival. Have a great day!

Shanta Hendry | Reply

This was an awesome story. So very proud of you. I have witnessed your professionalism and caring attitude. I must say that you are truly on the right track to greater things.

Melissa Frazier | Reply

Well written and well spoken. Your commitment is very much appreciated.

George Jones | Reply

Dwaynae, as the CEO of Bread for the City, I speak for all of our clients and staff when I say, your beautifully written blog reveals that you know how to live up to our commitment to provide the community services with respect, dignity and justice. Like your friends we are so proud of you!

Theresa Hearn | Reply

Well said. Growth us everything in life. After reading this you make me PROUD. Love you and keep up the good work.

Sharon B | Reply

Great job… very well written, keep up the good work you will be greatly blessed.

Laquanna | Reply

Wow..!!! I’m so much proud of the strong woman your becoming.. You are definitely an inspiration to Our youth.. I want you to keep it up baby… THANK YOU

Tasia lucas | Reply

Nay I’m so proud of you the fact that you really enjoy helping others and learning along the way is a great quality never lose that not alot of people have that… u best friend your amazing

Tiffany Jordan | Reply

Wow. I am so proud of you. Keep doing great and being positive,..

Malone M | Reply

Loved this blog & thank you for the work you do Dwaynae!!!! People may not thank you daily but I want to say THANK YOU! You are great, you have a kind heart and continue to be!!!!

Iye Sawi | Reply

So proud of you, my friend. God will continue to bless you every step! Reading this made me tear up ! Knowing you for 7 years; you have been an outstanding fact, you are amazing!! I want to thank you for not only helping the community, but allowing others to read your story! You are a star and this is just the beginning! Much love!

Travis Cooper | Reply

Well said ?❤️

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