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BFC stands with our AAPI community and allies.

Beyond terrified, we are exhausted.

“A suspected gunman is dead after killing 10 people at a dance studio in Monterey Park” – a familiar headline splattered across outlets over the weekend left us beyond terrified, but exhausted. 

Another mass shooting. Another terrorized community. 

For years, civilians have pleaded with the government following a series of mass shootings and daily gun violence in our communities across the nation. Leaders have an obligation to keep communities safe, yet we have remained unsuccessful in securing adequate gun reform. 

Day after day, our hearts, attention, and activism are captured as a result of new victims of violence and domestic terrorism. And while we’re activated to do more, we’re also critically overlooking the same violence happening in our communities, here every day on the streets of DC, which may or may not even make the news.

America is undergoing an epidemic of hate and fear. Our nation is in a constant cycle of fear, anger, survival, and desensitization as mass shootings and violence continue to flood the U.S. Shootings targeting children in Uvalde, Texas, and a predominantly Black community in Buffalo, New York, are only the most recent stories that have left our nation particularly disturbed. 

Something needs to be done.

BFC stands with our AAPI community and allies, and we must loudly remind our leaders of their legal – and frankly, human –  duty to keep our lives safe. Get involved and contact your state’s representative(s) to amplify your voice or story and make it clear to leaders that our communities are exhausted and ready for change. 

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