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Bread for the City has a record setting Holiday Helpings campaign for 2020!

This year, Bread for the City changed its strategy for Holiday Helpings, a 30+ year tradition for an almost 50-year-old organization. Holiday Helpings in 2020 was about standing on the pillars of equity and inclusion by providing the resources for community members to have autonomy for their holiday plans. Instead of turkeys and hams, we gave families and individuals gift cards; maybe a turkey or ham is not truly what they needed or wanted this holiday season, maybe paying a past due bill, buying groceries, buying winter gear, purchasing diapers, or filling up the car with gas is the priority. 

In 2019, we provided 11,000 families with either a turkey or ham and other holiday sides for a traditional holiday meal. This year, nearly 17,000 families and individuals received a $50 visa gift card through text, email, or postage, and they were given the choice to use it however best suited their family.

“We believed giving our community the chance to make their own decisions was better for 2020,” said George Jones, CEO of Bread for the City. “Due to the pandemic, many people are struggling with paying bills, transportation, or buying the necessary items everyone needs. A lot of families were not worried about a turkey or ham.”

Holiday Helpings was successful this year and that’s because of the generous support of our donors. This year, we raised $1.1 million which is the most in Bread for the City’s history. Your support enabled us to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve and to continue to provide resources to our community through this pandemic. 

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