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Bread for the City welcomes, Joan Jackson to its Board of Directors!

Bread for the City is excited to introduce Joan Jackson as its newest board member. Jackson is currently retired but owns JMJ Information Services, LLC, which runs an online portal called Balanced Abundant Living ( for reputable, vetted information to enhance the quality of our lives. It’s a space where folks can find information to help them live a balanced and fruitful life. Besides being an information specialist, Jackson always supported Bread for the City, whether through donating clothes, money, or essential items for community members. I had the opportunity to speak with her about Bread for the City and how excited she is to take on a new role.

How did you get to connect with Bread for the City?

JJ: I wanted to try something different after my husband, and I retired. I wanted to give back to the community where I grew up, and I came across Bread for the City. Each month, I purchase toiletries and food items, and I donate them to help people out who use Bread for the City. After doing this for several years, Melissa Frazier approached me about becoming a board member for the organization, and I was honored.

How does it feel to join an organization like Bread for the City?

JJ: I’m very excited. I feel like I have to give back to the community and people who are in need. I am blessed to be in this situation because I see people who need resources.  Being a faithful servant means giving time and resources to others.

What do you think about Bread for the City and the work that we do for the community?

JJ: I love the fact that Bread for the City is a community advocate for people, and you have a holistic approach. There are various services offered, such as food, clothing, medical, legal, and social services, which are essential to the community. Bread for the City has a heart for people.

What are you looking forward to once you start your role? 

JJ: If something comes up where I can help, I’m here. I’m here to serve as an advocate.

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