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The garden

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Building on Good Hope in More Ways than One

Although DC received a healthy serving of rain last Thursday, a team of experienced and beginner gardeners still showed up in Bread for the City’s SE rooftop garden to help out after Bread’s SE expansion groundbreaking ceremony.

Local gardener activists shared a spirit of togetherness, solidarity and determination to help get the garden into shape.

In harmony with the elements, we collectively cleared overgrown weeds from raised beds, identified edible weeds while sharing their nutritional value, harvested perennial herbs from last growing season, graded the soil and removed deep roots, planted seeds, transplanted locally grown seedlings and re-purposed vinyl blinds for making garden signage. Whew!

In addition, we talked about environmental injustices affecting marginalized communities in DC, and the ways in which community leaders are standing up for their rights. Working together in the garden provides space and inspiration for these impactful conversations.

Taking time to beautify this green space we have grown to love and care for as our own is meaningful and transformative. The garden is a space for self-care, joy, healing, building community and improving our overall well being. It is a space with filled with memories and embraced by our staff and clients as a space to help grow a more equitable food ecosystem in Southeast DC.

Seeds were sown with the hope to harvest edible food. Other tangible seeds were sown as well with the hope to harvest other kinds of spiritual, mental, and community uplifting fruits.

Building on Good Hope has been happening for a long time, and it showed up in the garden by community taking hope into their own hands.

To learn more about Bread for the City’s food justice efforts and to get involved, contact Tef Reese at treese@breadfortheucity.org

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