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Celebrating Bread for the City Social Services!

March is when we celebrate Social Workers Month, honoring the amazing people working hard every day for the good of us, our families, and our communities. At Bread for the City, we want to take this opportunity to show off our superstar Social Services team!

This powerhouse of a team provides a wide range of services to the DC community including leading economic security initiatives and our workforce development program, managing our client’s finances and public benefits, hosting women empowerment and wellness workshops, delivering diapers and baby supplies to the doors of families across all 8 wards, and so much more!

We’ve interviewed a few members of our Social Services team to give you a firsthand look at the work they do and their commitment to the DC community.

Read their stories here:

Ashley Moore, LICSW, Associate Director of Care Management

“Social workers are not fixes for systemic problems.”

Brittany Pope, Economic Security Supervisor

“I’m a native Washingtonian and wanted to give back to my beautiful community”

Shanta Hendry, Workforce Development Program Manager

“I’m so proud to tell people that I work at Bread because I have a story, those people helped me, and now I’m working here and my daughter is too.”

Kate Baasch, SOAR Program Manager

“Community is greater than ourselves, I feel a connection and responsibility to our community”

Robyn Dudley, Representative Payee Program Supervisor

“We’re here as the professionals so families can just be families.”

Marlene Rodriguez, Social Services Intern and BSW Student

“I decided to go back to school to pursue social work. I was frustrated because I couldn’t help my patients to the extent that I wanted to.”

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