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Client explains the importance of Holiday Helpings this year

The ongoing pandemic continues to devastate underserved communities and the many families who rely on Bread for the City’s services. A nearly 20-year BFC client and DC native, Audrey Station, faces financial challenges exacerbated by recent supply shortages and inflation caused by the pandemic’s lingering effects. Station, who is disabled and bed-bound, is looking forward to receiving her $75 debit card, which will help her provide food and necessities for her family. 

Why was Holiday Helpings important for you last year?

AS: Bread for the City always opens its doors for my family and me. The debit card model was beneficial because it helped me get necessities that I could not purchase, such as ham and items for the kids. 

This year, we’re providing $75 debit cards instead of $50. How will that increase help your family?

AS: This will help me put more food on the table for my family. Some of my family members are unemployed, and some are underemployed. This debit card will help me provide a holiday meal for them. 

Do you need more help this year compared to previous years?

AS: This has been the worst year for me; there are fewer items at the grocery store due to inflation, and some things are more expensive now. It’s why the debit card will be more important than any other year. The pandemic prevents us from seeing our loved ones, and it feels as if we’re in a box and can’t open our doors. 

What will you purchase with your debit card this year?

AS: This year, I will purchase items for a holiday meal. I have eight family members, and it’s important because we like to stick together. We want to spend holiday time and be around each other because we enjoy each other’s company. 

Without Holiday Helpings, this year would be a mess, and there would be many things we wouldn’t be able to get. I live in a two-bedroom apartment, but I sleep in the living room because I’m bound to a hospital bed, not fitting in my bedroom. My home health aid will assist me in purchasing the items needed with the debit card. 

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