George A. Jones

CEO George A. Jones speaks at the 2019 Good Hope Gala.

Aja Taylor, Advocacy Director

BFC Organizers rallying for affordable housing.

Rally for housing

Fighting for affordable housing in Washington, DC.

Keith Lemons, Food

Welcoming people to the food pantry at the Southeast Center.

Happy New Year from Bread for the City

Just like that, a new decade is upon us. Bread for the City has seen the start and finish to four decades in Washington, DC — decades that have brought change, sometimes tumultuous, to our city and our country. But in a place as ever-changing as DC, we have never wavered or backed down in our mission to fight poverty. 

Normally, we take the opportunity of the New Year to thank those who have supported us in the previous twelve months – and we are very grateful to all of you. We wouldn’t be able to serve tens of thousands of DC residents each year without the help of thousands of volunteers and donors. We are so thankful.

But as 2020 dawns, we’re grateful for more than just those who support our work with time and treasure. We give thanks for all of our clients, who keep surviving in the face of institutional racism and economic inequality. For the resilience of our staff, who show up every day even when, four decades on, it can feel like we’ll never beat poverty. For the elected leaders who work with us to craft policies that will benefit all DC residents and not just the privileged few, for our partner nonprofits who rally and stand alongside us, for our Board of Directors, who push us to dream bigger…the list goes on. 

2020 is going to be a big year. But with your help, Bread for the City will continue the fight against poverty in DC; a fight that we can win in the next two decades if we put our minds to it.  

From all of us here at Bread for the City, wishing you a prosperous and healthy 2020.

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