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Help Bread for the City win big!

As you may have heard, Bread for the City is competing in the USA Today A Community Thrives Challenge!

A Community Thrives Challenge is an annual competition in which nonprofits from across the country compete for YOUR vote: your dollars, your shares on social media, and your support as we all work together to build communities that thrive. For one month only Bread for the City will have the opportunity to raise money, win grants, and compete in weekly challenges that come with MORE funding.

Want to join our side? Give today and help us reach our goal!

Our vision of a community that thrives is one where all DC residents, regardless of income, have the financial, spiritual, and emotional resources they need to create the life they want. And this community-building challenge couldn’t come at a better time: this year is the 45th Breadiversary of Bread for the City’s Medical Clinic!

Located in our NW Center (and soon to be opened at our new SE Center too!) our medical clinic is truly a community center for our clients, staff, donors, and volunteers. Beyond primary care, we also offer dental, vision, and behavioral health care to patients. Plus, our care management team works with each individual to identify what else they might need: safe housing, nutritious groceries, protection from domestic violence? Our team can connect them with other Bread for the City programs that can help.

In order to qualify for the big grants that will help us to sustain our clinic in the years to come, we need to raise at least $6,000 from our Community Thrives page. And because we’re ambitious, we think we can do even better! Can you help us get there with a gift today?

Every dollar will go to support Bread for the City’s community-based services, right here in Washington, DC. But there’s other ways you can help, too!

  • Share our donation page and tag us on Twitter and Facebook! We love to engage on social media and we need your help to spread the word.
  • Get YOUR community involved! Have a birthday coming up this month? (Shoutout to Aries season!) Instead of gifts, ask friends and family to give to Bread for the City.
  • Send a fundraising email! If you’re looking for a new cause, why not engage your network directly? Email your contacts and ask them to stand with Bread for the City, too. We’re happy to help you draft an email (after all, we’re professionals!); just email to learn more.

There’s a lot going on in the world right now (is it really already political primary season? And also… Brexit?!?) but there’s an easy way to cut through the noise: support Bread for the City as we compete for big grants, and support your friendly local community-based clinic.

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