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Holiday Helpings: Beyond the Celebration

During a recent Bread for the City event, BFC board member and client, Courtney Dowe talked about her introduction to the organization courtesy of Holiday Helpings, and why our end of the year program is a life-changer.   

The first time I received services at Bread for the City was at Holiday Helpings. It was through a friend of mine who used to help my son get to his daycare in the morning. I was living at the House of Ruth at that time and was in a long term transition program. She wanted me to come to Bread for the City with her to help watch her kids while she stood in line to get her turkey. 

That year I was thinking, “I don’t know about this whole Thanksgiving thing.” Once I got there, 

I realized I actually did want a turkey.

Holiday Helpings is a really powerful force in terms of outreach as well as reconnecting with the clients that are part of the Bread for the City community. 

Poverty can be hard to recognize at times — even for the people in it. It can be hard to look at. I was born into poverty. It wasn’t especially remarkable to me to not have that much. When someone else is anticipating that need and filling that need… it’s such a gift. Sometimes having more awareness about one’s need can help with overcoming it. I think that’s a big part of my life at Bread for the City. Once I connected there, I realized there was so much more that could help me. Women’s Empowerment and support for this grant I want to write. Building me up as a person in so many more ways than I ever anticipated from just standing in a food line. 

I want to thank everyone sincerely for being here. It may seem so small, but it really can be life-changing and it was for me. I’m in a fantastic place in my life overall and I know Bread for the City is a really big part of that. 

Holiday Helpings continues until December 24.

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