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Opening Our Doors to Furloughed Federal Employees and Contractors

For nearly 45 years, Bread for the City has shown up for D.C., and D.C. has shown up for us. With help from our community, we assist tens of thousands of D.C. residents living with low income each and every year. As the government shutdown enters its third week, it’s time for us to show up again. We want furloughed workers to know that Bread for the City is here for you, too.

Beginning Monday, January 14, if you are a District of Columbia resident and are a furloughed federal worker or federal contractor currently out of work because of the furlough, you can visit our NW or SE Centers for a five day supply of groceries. In addition, our medical clinic, located in our NW Center is currently accepting new patients. Visit our services page for more information including hours of operation and documents we will need you to bring in.

To our current clients: Bread for the City will continue to be here for you too.

But I also need to say something to our federal elected officials — and one in particular. At the heart of what we do is our sense of equity. When we have economic downturns or man-made crises such as this shutdown, people living with low incomes suffer most. One of the reasons this game of chicken is easy for the powers that be is that those in charge don’t suffer. The people who suffer most are the ones who already struggling to get by.

When our leaders make these kinds of decisions, it impacts everyday people. The ripple effect extends far beyond talking points and news cycles. This bickering over billions for a border wall is now threatening food stamps, housing subsidies and more.  

But even in these stressful times, there are glimmers of hope, and our hope is always YOU.

To our donors and volunteers: When the government does not meet its obligations to the people, organizations like ours are all the more important. If this shutdown continues and more people have no choice but to seek help from  organizations like Bread for the City, our existing resources — particularly the food program — may be pushed to their limit. In these trying times for so many, if you’re able to give just a little more to help your neighbors, please do. Visit https://www.bfc.local/govshutdown

And if you’re a furloughed worker looking for something positive to do in the midst of this crisis, we’re always looking for volunteers. Visit to find out how you can help.


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